Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maine report

Not much to say about food this week. We've been eating a few noodle-based casseroles, and skipped the lobster this trip.

A couple days ago, we went to Yummie's, a mega candy store. According to Steve's mom, Yummie's has 10,000 pounds of candy on display for sale every day. I liked Yummie's for the retro candies they carry - Charleston Chews, Clark Bars, MallowCups, Chuckles, Dots, Bit-O-Honey, Valomilk, and plenty more. It's quite a store.

Yesterday, we were out and I spied one of the most intresting combo restaurants I've ever seen - Pedro O'Hara's - a Mexican and Irish food restaurant. Hmmmm. Can I get that margarita Irish?

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