Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Christmas Cookies in February

Over several weeks, I spent a lot of time gathering ingredients and baking dozens upon dozens of cookies. Since I had little money, I couldn't buy gifts, so I had the intention of sending these cookies out to family as their Christmas present. But things got a little off track. First, it turns out that even though I had enough time and money to make the cookies, I lacked funds to afford shipping on all of them. Second, I got off-track because Kitty got sick. And thirdly, when I did want to mail the cookies, I couldn't find any appropriately sized boxes. That's what I get for looking for boxes two days before Christmas.

So, apologies to all of you who were promised cookies and didn't get them. The cookies are still in my freezer, and after a taste test, appear to still be okay, so I hope to send them out. As you can see, I have more cookies than Steve and I could ever eat.

Contained in this freezer are:
Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies
Chocolate Snowballs (aka Sarah's cookies)
Orange Chocolate Macaroons
Toll House Chocolate Chip
Ginger Snaps

While I was baking, periodically I remembered to take a picture of the progress. Here are a few for you.

Batter for the chocolate snowballs in my workhorse of a mixer.

Peanut butter cookies cooling.

Flour and sugar containers. These are from my grandpa's and according to Mom, her folks used to mix daiquiris in these. Almost an entire bag of flour will fit in one, and easily a whole bag of sugar.

I also love the new kitchen. It has so many cabinets I can have a dedicated baking pantry.

We have since bought a stainless steel island that will double as a dining table when needed. I could have used that surface space when I was baking!


  1. Such a cute kitchen!

    And the Coastal New England cookbook on your main page sounds intriguing...Does it have lots of ideas for those dark winter months when there's nothing but root vegetables and apples? This is about the time of year when I start longing for a peach or a tomato in season, but we still have awhile to go. I need some inspiration!

  2. You know, the Coastal New England cookbook is a new one for me. I got it for Christmas from Steve's sister in Maine. I have looked through it and it has ingredients like: maple, orange, spinach, corn, apples, nuts, blueberries, molasses, cheese, and grains. I don't see much with root vegetables, actually. It is a seasonal book, but not strictly so. Recipes look fairly simple and straightforward. This is NOT a gourmet book, but one for everyday cooks. I haven't made anything from it yet, but I will. It also has a subtitle of, "Following the Guidelines of the American Heart Association." The nutritional information is also given for each recipe. No photos.

  3. I've been using the America's Test Kitching Family Baking Book and love it. During the holidays I made the Sugar Cookies recipe with Lime-Sugar zest and it was a hit! Definitely a nice foil to all the rich stuff we eat at that time of year.

  4. Ooh, I'll have to try those, especially the lime-sugar zest cookies.

    I also made snickerdoodles over Thanksgiving for the same reason - they were lighter.