Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feedback is yummy.

Thanks to everyone who has already written back to me or posted comments about this new blog. Reka pointed me to two new links, which I've added. 101 Cookbooks looks FABULOUS! Caramel Cook looks good, but I noticed he hasn't posted in quite a while.

And in case you haven't already seen this sinful, bacon-concentrated-not-recommended-for-the-living item, Donna sent me the link to The Bacon Explosion. This was a topic of conversation Saturday night at dinner. I think Susan H. should have this at her wedding reception this fall!! Hahahaha!

The baked ziti I made last night was yummy but could have had more sauce and slightly less cheese filling. My large Pyrex baking dish was to the brink of overflowing. The best part is, it made so much that I don't have to cook dinner the rest of the week.


  1. I am almost positive that the Bacon Explosion will apear on our grill at some point this summer. I think it will feed a gathering of Firefighters quite well. And maybe, just maybe it will show up at our reception this Fall.

  2. oh yeah, I will e-mail you the recipe for 30 min. mozzarella.

  3. Ooooh, do I have blog recs for you! La Tartine Gourmande (oh, the PHOTOS!), Michael Ruhlman's blog, Smitten Kitchen, Cook Eat FRET, Lucy's Kitchen Notebook, Pithy and Cleaver, Kate Hill, and We Are Never name a few... Is it any wonder I don't get any writing or work done?

    Mario Batali has a recipe for ricotta that is easy as can be - I want to give mozzarella a try too, at some point...

  4. Had a chance to try Bacon Explosion at a Super Bowl party. It was way too rich for me but a big hit with all the boys.

  5. Wow, a comment from someone who has actually tasted the mythical Bacon Explosion. Thanks for letting us know what it was like!

  6. And Laura, thanks for the blog recs. I'll add them to my sidebar after I take a peek at them. I knew you'd have some input about those.

    Mmmm, ricotta . . .