Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ice cream in February

I love ice cream and am very happy to see this wonderful sounding recipe for maple pecan ice cream at Chocolate & Zucchini today. I am so making this. Too bad Steve doesn't like pecans - more for me!

Ice cream is actually pretty simple to make. Granted, I've only made it once, but it's really not that difficult. I received the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment for Christmas, and I've used it to make French vanilla. As long as I followed the manufacturer's instructions for how to prepare the special, insulated, freezer bowl, the ice cream turned out beautifully. I had read some consumer complaints that the bowl doesn't work and the ice cream is essentially ice cream soup.

These complaining consumers must not have done exactly what they were instructed to do because I had no problems. Yes, when it's done churning, the ice cream is on the soft side but it's thick. My ice cream churned so thick, that the mixer/churner didn't want to turn anymore. When that happened, I figured the ice cream was done.

After I transferred the ice cream from the freezer bowl to individual storage containers (plastic Chinese take-out soup containers work beautifully!) and froze it a while, it was the consistency and hardness of regular, store bought premium ice cream. And tasted great.

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  1. For great a great Ice cream cookbook. Try The Ulimate Ice Cream Book by Bruce Weinstein. Pat and I love it. I have tried many recipes from this, my fav. is Key Lime. If you make a few meringues with the leftover egg whites, you have a substitute for key lime pie!