Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Caught Up

After a week off, I'm getting caught up with blogs. This one in particular caught my taste buds. I think I'll have to try it but counter the fat, cholesterol, and sodium massacre with grilled chicken and leafy green salad the rest of the week.

Laura over at Pinot and Prose has also thrown down a baking request seeing how she doesn't bake. I'm happy to bake anything if it gets me a seat at the table for her next Bacon Fest.

The Mardi Gras season is also coming to a close next week, and I have yet to make my annual King Cake. Must do that this weekend. I think it will be a cream cheese filled cake this time. Luckily, the tiny plastic baby that I hide in the cake didn't get lost in the move. Don't know what I'd do without that pink, plastic, bald baby. Will post recipe and photos when I do. My NYC friends are invited over when the cake is ready. It will be much more than Steve and I can eat.


  1. What about your ATL friends? :-(

  2. I looooove Pithy & Cleaver, I do. But how they can have 4-cheese macaroni and NOT put gorgonzola in there is incomprehensible to me.

    I have thrown down the gauntlet: make the cookies and I'll make you (and Steve) a feast. I'm thinking a whole night of puff-pastry dishes. Or once summer gets here, I bet I can do a whole Peach Night or Squash Blossom Night.

  3. Ooh, we loooooove puff pastry. I do a chicken in puff pastry that we snobbishly call, "chicken en croute."


    David, seeing how I've never shipped those Christmas cookies, I don't think I'll get to shipping King Cakes either. Besides, I only have one plastic baby.

  4. Ellen, tonight we watched this week’s Top Chef that took place in New Orleans---and decided to look up King Cakes to make this weekend as well! Do you have a recipe to recommend? I found a Southern Living and an Emril recipe but seem to recall your baked king cake being pretty darn good! And I'll have to look for a 'baby' at the party store...cuter than a pecan! :)

  5. If it's the Southern Living recipe from All Recipes, it is a good one. I use that one for my dough and icing but I add filling from another recipe. The SL recipe makes enough for two cakes, so share one with a neighbor! I'm going to make mine today, too.

    When you spread the cinnamon mixture to the dough also add this filling and then continue as directed by SL -
    Mix well:
    1 8-oz package cream cheese
    1/2 cup confectioners' sugar
    After rolling out the dough, spread the cream cheese filling across the center of the dough.

    I bet Michael's sells bags of those plastic babies, but you could use any kind of charm.

    Have fun! Hope it turns out!