Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kicked in the head by a Moscow Mule

So I was rushing off with warm batches of salted chocolate and cranberry cookies to meet Reka and Laura for the book event at Idlewild Books starring Orangette herself, Molly Wizenberg. Unfortunately, the book event turned out to be a zoo (RSVPs and spotty emails from the bookstore were involved), so while we would have loved to purchased Molly's new book, we decided drinking yummy, potent, and old-fashioned cocktails at the Flatiron Lounge was more fun. (Sorry, Molly. I'm sure all three of us will still purchase your book because we do love to read your writing.)

Reka told me that Flatiron Lounge is the sister bar to Clover Club in Brooklyn. I visited Clover Club a while back and loved it. We had a grand time sipping (or chugging) on cocktails. I stuck with Moscow Mules - vodka, ginger beer, and lime. It came garnished with a perfectly sliced round of lime and a chunk of candied ginger. By the time we decided we should probably get some food, things were feeling pretty good.

I loved the Flatiron Lounge for it's speakeasy vibe. The bartenders have an array of beautiful syrups, garnishes, and mixers at their fingertips that no home bar can possibly have. It did get loud and busy but the atmosphere was jazz cool the whole time.

We attempted to dine at Shake Shack since big greasy burgers sounded perfect but we got there right when they were closing so we weren't allowed on line. We detoured down to Metro Cafe for burgers. Good burgers that were actually cooked the way we requested them. A rarity that is.

I finally rolled home around 11 perfectly sated and buzzed.

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