Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dinner at Apartment 138

Apartment 138 is another restaurant along Smith Street here in Brooklyn. Steve and I had dinner here once a few months ago, and we repeated this past Friday with Susan K.

Apt. 138 is a good neighborhood, crowd-pleasing place with good solid food that satisfies the taste buds. On our previous visit, we split the chicken fried steak and a salad. Both were good but we seemed to remember that the steak needed more seasoning. This time, Susan K. got the crab burger. I had a Mozzarella, roast peppers, basil, and balsamic drizzle panini. And Steve had grilled steak with Cheddar, onions, and garlic mayo panini. All our sandwiches came with skin-on crunchy fries and a tiny green salad with a mustard-sweet onion dressing. From what we ordered, you would think this is a very casual, low production kind of place. It isn't really. It is a casual place but it's dressed up nicely with candlelight, brick walls, cozy tables, and a bustling bar in the front. There is also a patio for when the weather warms up.

We like Apt. 138 as a stand-by place to go to when nothing quite sounds right because the menu here is varied enough that something is sure to please.

The other attractive thing about Apt. is the pricing - it's on the low end! We've never had dessert since we've usually been too full. We also haven't tried it for brunch but I bet they do that well.

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