Friday, September 25, 2009


Just couple more things to tell you about.

Last week, in addition to the cinnamon rolls, I believe I mentioned that I was going to test a recipe sent to me by Cook's Country.

I did make the recipe - cat head biscuits - and answered their survey. It was really kinda fun to be a guinea pig for one of their in development recipes. In the magazine, the recipes usually get a write up about the recipe's history, research, development, ingredients, etc. As a tester, I only got the recipe with a one-line explanation about the name: the biscuits are about the size of a cat's head. Well, okay, that's straightforward enough. While I can't share the recipe, I will tell you that I thought it was darn near perfect. I loved those biscuits. The night before I made the biscuits, I had made chicken schnitzel. We had plenty left over so we put those in the biscuits for a breaded chicken biscuit sandwich with honey. Yum!

And just for fun, I held the largest biscuit (all were about 4 ounces) next to the cats's heads to see if, in fact, it was the size of a cat's head. These aren't great pictures because it's hard to get a cat to stay still when you are holding something next to his head and all he wants to do is sniff it. But I think you can get an idea from these. The biscuit is smaller than Kitty's head but larger than Cleo's.

Last night, I made a white bean and sausage dish. It's in the October issue of Bon Appetit. This article used one base dish - white beans cooked with sage and garlic - to make four different dishes, some light and some heavier. The one I made was on the heavier ones. It called for tomatoes, sweet Italian sausage, the beans, more garlic & sage. That's it. Yes, there was some salt and pepper and water involved too, but the main ingredients and flavors are from that short list. It was delicious and well worth the wait. Since dried beans are used, they had to soak overnight. It is a bit of a time-consuming recipe as things have to simmer for quite a bit of time at various stages of preparation, but it's easy. Nothing is hard or complicated in the preparation of this dish. In fact, it's almost an knife-less recipe. I did use the knife to cut off the top of a garlic head and to crush cloves, but other than that, no knife required. Steve really liked it, too. This will certainly be a keeper recipe to make again this winter.

I actually have several more things to tell you about - a new book, a new taco place, a new Thai place (like we need another one of those in this neighborhood), a burger place - but I must go and get ready to leave when Steve gets home. We are doing dinner and movie tonight. Have a good weekend everyone!

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