Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's a bakeday (and Gleesday, but that's not food related)

Will update this post later with results.

On the plan today is to bake two things. The first is a recipe I received from Cook's Country (of America's Test Kitchen) about a week ago. A while back, I noticed a small notice on one of ATK's e-newsletters. This notice was soliciting readers to sign up to become part of the expanded ATK and try new, unpublished recipes at home. Readers were being invited to become part of the testing process. How fun! Of course, I signed up.

I had just been wondering if I was ever going to get a recipe to try from ATK when one showed up in my inbox! They must have ESP. Worried that the recipe would be one using ingredients I don't like, or expensive ingredients, I clicked the link to see what they wanted me to make. Biscuits! Excellent! I love biscuits and they don't cost much to make.

During this week's grocery shopping, I bought the required buttermilk. That's the only thing I needed as everything else was in stock in my fridge and/or pantry. I can't share the recipe here as ATK asks that recipes in the testing process not be published or shared. I can tell you that the official name of the recipe is "cat head biscuits." Weird, huh? Apparently, the name is because when baked, these biscuits are about the size of a cat's head. Which has me wondering, what size cat? Cleo's head is tiny - about the size of a peach - whereas Kitty's head is large - about the size of a small grapefruit. I'll have to hold one of the finished biscuits up to their heads to see which one it resembles.

Will write up results when I actually make the things.

The second thing I'm baking up today is cinnamon rolls. Steve loves 'em, and I've never made them from scratch before, so it will be fun. I always like trying new recipes. After looking through several of my baking cookbooks, I decided to make the cinnamon rolls from the ATK's Family Baking Book. I chose this one because it seems like the best for a beginner cinnamon roll baker. It's very exact and the least time consuming. Cinnamon rolls take a while to make.

In other news, we have been having a pretty ho-hum couple of weeks. I haven't been cooking up anything terribly exciting, which is why you've had so few posts to read. My folks were here a week or so ago. I made chicken piccata, grilled flank (that we only sorta got to eat), grilled sausages w/peppers & onions, cookies n' cream ice cream, choc-choc chip muffins, and orange-blueberry muffins. We ate out at Grimaldi's. We were on the go most of the time, so we had picnic lunches/dinners in order to not break the bank.

Tonight, we shall dine on two-nights worth of leftovers - chicken cutlets, tortellini salad - but tomorrow we will finally try the Schnitzel & Things food truck. Food trucks are all the rage here in NY and in other cities across the country. These trucks are turning out excellent, high-end food from their mobile kitchens. Schnitzel Truck, as I call it, often makes the rounds to our neighborhood and parks on Smith Street at the end of our block. About a month ago, I attempted to purchase food from them but all their cookers (the equipment, not the people) had stopped working. They were here again while the parents were here, and schnitzel wasn't part of our dining plan, so I missed them again. They announced their weekly schedule and they will be back on Smith Street tomorrow night. Can't wait!

Then on Friday, Steve and I are heading out to the city for NY Craft Beer Week celebrations. Our San Diego friend, Matt, works at Green Flash Brewery, and a NY bar (Jimmy No. 43) is hosting the GF brewmaster, Chuck, Friday night. They will be featuring a selection of bottles & drafts of GF brews as well as food. (To see the GF staff, click here for pics.)

The other part of the title of this post is about Glee. The tv show. Not about food. In the first two episodes, the only food has been several slurpees/milkshakes/smoothies/protein shakes, carrot/celery sticks, pb&j, a chocolate chip cookie, virgin cosmos, and a close up of some very clean grapes. I just really like the show. Yes, it's full of over-the-top stereotypes, camp, and satire but the writing and use of music is great. Steve doesn't care for the signing, but he does like the non-PC, vindictive, bull dog of a cheer leading coach played played perfectly by Jane Lynch. "You think this is hard? You should try being waterboarded. That's hard." She steals the show. If you haven't experienced the Glee, go to Hulu to watch the episodes.

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