Friday, June 19, 2009

Fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream, redux

A couple days ago, I made my second attempt for the perfect fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream. My first attempt wasn't bad, mind you, but it was lacking a balance of flavor between the mint and chocolate, and it wasn't quite creamy enough. It was intensely minty, but the chocolate got lost. My first batch also turned out green tea green rather than a nice pretty light green. Here's a picture of it in my grandpa's Blue Bell Ice Cream bowl.

For my second batch, I upped the cream quotient and used a darker chocolate (72%). This definitely improved it, but it's still not quite what I want. The color was much improved, so I at least figured that out. Not sure how to get white fresh mint ice cream like Chestnut's . . . seems like the chlorophyll will ooze out and color the cream no matter what as the heat breaks down the cell walls. Ah, science!

In this second attempt, I thought the chocolate was the right one to use, but I thought the mint needed increased. Unfortunately, I couldn't make this batch with the full two packed cups I used in the first because I just a little short on mint. Two full packed cups of mint leaves seems to be the right amount. The second batch ice cream tended more towards the sweet-mint area and not the refreshingly bright fresh mint intensity that I want.

The second batch was also far creamier thanks to the two cups of heavy cream, but now I think it's too creamy. You know that sort of filmy, slimy, yucky mouth feel you get after eating whipped cream? Yeah, this is what happened after eating this ice cream. So I'm going to lower the amount of heavy cream and substitute half and half or light cream.

All of this means I have to make this yet AGAIN, oh bummer, to get everything just right. Steve, by the way, thought this batch was just perfect.

When I get figure out the amounts and ratios, I'll post the finished recipe. I already have the ice cream bowl freezing, but we have to polish off this batch before I'll make the other. Any excuse to eat ice cream faster is fine with me!

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